LFF’s Commitment to the
American Association for Justice

Awarding Scholarships since 1994 – Representing Law Schools Nationwide.

The Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship Program created in partnership with the American Association for Justice, and funded in perpetuity, awarded its 29th and 30th scholarship at AAJ’s Annual Convention in Denver, CO (July 2019).

With the combined support of the Leesfield Family Foundation and Leesfield Scolaro, P.A., the Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship Program has been awarded every year since 1994 to deserving law students from around the country who exemplify a high commitment to trial advocacy and the preservation of the civil justice system. This financial assistance provides law student members with exceptional learning opportunities and participation in workshops and events during the annual conventions. Encouraging law student commitment and support of the AAJ mission, recipients from around the country have continued as AAJ’s leaders.

For more information on the Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship Program, contact Carmen Marrero or Catherine Rodman.