“There are many ways to fight this war! It’s not only missiles and weapons, but we can do our part by providing food, medicine and supplies to over 3.16 million refugees of this ravaged region.”

Ira Leesfield, Chair

Humanitarian Relief for War-Torn UKRAINE

In direct cooperation with World Central Kitchen (WCK), and other non-profits working on the ground in Ukraine and neighboring countries, we have already begun by feeding over 1,000,000 people and providing medical care supplies. 100% of your donation fights the Russian invasion by removing hunger and replenishing the spirits of Ukrainians.

After many of the families have reached safety in bordering countries, the parents, with courage and resolve, go back to fight the war.  They are now fed and sustained by many combined efforts, including the hundreds of contributions raised by the Leesfield Family Foundation.  Through the efforts of WCK and volunteers at locations in 12 Ukraine cities, ordinary citizens and troops are being fed.  There are supply sites in Hungary, Romania, Slovania and Poland for refugees who have crossed the border.  Your donation will immediately reach our partners on the ground.  In the words of its leader, José Andrés, “I have always believed in the power of food to change the world.” You have that power right now! Let’s act promptly, and please remember – the Leesfield Family Foundation will match your contribution, dollar for dollar.

Please contribute now so we may immediately provide the much needed relief to over 44 million Ukrainians. For any questions or thoughts, please call me directly at (305) 505-3250 or email leesfield@leesfield.com.

Ira Leesfield, President
Leesfield Family Foundation

View Disaster Relief Efforts

The past year has brought natural unprecedented disasters to Florida and the Bahamas. In 2019, we responded to assistance to victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Historically, the Foundation has taken an active role in alleviating the hardship and displacement of thousands of Americans who have suffered unpredictable life challenges. As one of the most destructive hurricanes was approaching the Bahamas, the Foundation immediately responded to the needs of its citizens in collaboration with World Central Kitchen and its Founder, Jose Andres.

This is consistent with past efforts to alleviate suffering and displaced victims of natural and man-made disasters throughout the United States and the world.

“Oftentimes, our help was first on the scene because of the streamline nature of our Foundation,” says Jennifer Leesfield, Trustee.

  • UNIDOS Disaster Relief & Recovery Program to Support Puerto Rico
    (Hurricane Maria Victims)
  • Greater Houston Community Foundation – (Hurricane Harvey Victims)
  • Volunteer Louisiana – (Flood Victims)
  • Tennessee Bar Association (Disaster Relief Assistance for Tennessee Flood Victims)
  • California Fire Foundation
  • OneOrlando Fund (Terrorist Attack)
  • Dallas Foundation – Line of Duty Fund (Police Shooting)
  • American Red Cross – Tennessee wildfires
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York (Hurricane Sandy Victims)
  • UJA Federation of New York (Hurricane Sandy Victims)
  • Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies (Hurricane Sandy Victims
  • The Children’s Aid Society- New York (Hurricane Sandy Victims
  • Living Hope Haiti Christian Mission (2010 Haiti Earthquake)