Alysia Castillo

The Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship, awarded every year since 1994 recognizing law students who exemplify a high commitment to trial advocacy and public justice, will be presented to Alysia D. Castillo, a first year law student at UNT, Dallas College of Law.

Chair Ira Leesfield announced the award on July 11, 2015, during the AAJ 2015 Annual Convention held in Montreal.  Alysia, the oldest  in a family of eight siblings, is the 24th recipient of AAJ/Leesfield Law Student  Scholarship.  She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington as a Centennial Scholar, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology.   Her affiliations include the Dallas Hispanic Bar Association, the American Bar Association (Law Student Division and International Law Student Division.)   She is committed to helping her community through the Dallas Public Defender’s  Office (Exoneration Unit) while serving as Director of  UTA Volunteers, Health and Homelessness.  Putting herself through law school, Alysia supplements her financial needs working at the law library.   Alysia has a passion for helping the less privileged, receiving the “Centennial Scholar” award at the University of Texas in recognition of her commitment to community service.  She spent her adolescent years in a military family, witnessing the many challenges faced by those who have served our country.    That experience fuels her interest in embarking her legal career representing veterans and their families.   We congratulate Alysia for her accomplishments and wish her continued success.