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For the 19th consecutive year, the Leesfield Family Foundation awarded the Leesfield/FAWL Law Student Scholarship to Jessica Satinoff, a third-year law student at Florida International University School of Law.

The scholarship was presented during the 33rd Annual Judicial Reception and Scholarship Presentations event held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, FL.   Ms. Satinoff is the Executive Comments Editor for FIU Law Review and serves as a Certified Legal Intern at Dade Legal Aid, a non-profit organization which provides legal assistance to impoverished families and children, and victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

During the event, FAWL’s President Ileana Cruz, recognized Chair Ira Leesfield with the Honorable Theodore Klein Award.   The award honors the memory and work of the late U.S. Magistrate Judge Theodore Klein cited as one of the “sharpest legal minds in South Florida.”   “This award exemplifies a special meaning this year, as the Leesfield Family Foundation celebrates its 25-year anniversary.   We look forward to working with FAWL each year and providing scholarships for dedicated women who might not otherwise have the opportunity to pursue their career in law,” said Ira Leesfield.


In the past, FAWL has recognized Ira Leesfield by presenting him with “The Friend of FAWL Award” and “The Philanthropist Award” for the much-needed funding LFF has provided over the past 25 years.

FAWL is a volunteer bar association dedicated to actively promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession, expanding the leadership role of its members in the community at large and promoting women’s rights.  Its membership is comprised of lawyers, judges, and professionals within the business community.