leesfield estevez

This year commemorates the  25th annual American Association for Justice/Leesfield Law Student Scholarship.   On July 23, 2016, during AAJ’s Annual Convention held in Los Angeles, CA,  Chair Ira Leesfield presented the award to Estevan Fernandez, a first year law student at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles, CA.

It was Estevan’s law professor, John Nockleby, Director of the Civil Justice Program at Loyola, who very enthusiastically took the initiative to write to the American Association for Justice recommending Estevan for the AAJ/Leesfield Law Student scholarship, followed by Dean Michael Waterstone and Professor Florrie Roberts.  Estevan has just recently completed his first semester at Loyola Law School, distinguishing himself as a leader in his class because of his competitive nature and analytical intellect, earning the respect both his professors and peers alike.   Estevan’s desire to be a trial lawyer is fueled by his passion and commitment to serve underprivileged communities.   He earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University, where he was honored with the Business Law Outstanding Award.    “It gives me great pleasure to once again present this award to another outstanding law student.    Since 1994, we have annually presented this scholarship to students who exemplify a high commitment to trial advocacy.   Estevan is this year’s scholar!    We congratulate him and wish him much success in his legal career,” said Ira Leesfield.