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In the first six months of 2017, the Leesfield Family Foundation ramped up its activities, contributions and community involvement.   At the American Association for Justice Annual Convention in Boston, the Foundation awarded its 26th and 27th Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship to Heather M. Schneider and Gina Rosemarie Simeone.   Heather is a recent graduate with honors from New England Law|Boston.   Being the first in her family to graduate college, her goal is to pursue a legal career addressing the challenges of poverty and discrimination of disadvantaged children and families.    Gina will soon start her third year at Suffolk University Law School concentrating in trial and appellate advocacy.

In addition to the Leesfield/AAJ Law Student Scholarship, the Foundation has continued its support of Americans for Immigrant Justice and its Executive Director, Cheryl Little, Esq., for their very important work protecting and promoting the rights of immigrants since 1996, and Lawyers for Children America, a child advocacy organization which provides pro bono legal representation to children who are victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect by their loved ones.  The organization has more than 300 volunteer lawyers who donate their time to help improve the lives of so many abandoned children in our community, providing legal representation throughout the legal foster care process.  Upcoming plans include community grants to Fatherhood Task Force in support of their programs assisting fathers, grandfathers, uncles and male role models in a child’s life, to learn effective co-parenting methods.   Chair Ira Leesfield was recognized by Fatherhood Task Force and its President and CEO, Holly Zwerling,  with the  “Citation of Honor” award in recognition and gratitude for his continued support of the mission of the organization, and for his many years of commitment to civic engagement in South Florida.

LFF’s plans include renewal of community grants and the readiness to be there for natural or man-made disasters.  In 2016, the Foundation responded immediately to the Dallas Foundation Line of Duty Fund providing assistance to families of wounded and killed police officers in a senseless shooting spree during a peaceful protest in Dallas, TX followed by the support of OneOrlandoFund to assist victims and families of the Orlando/Pulse tragedy.

When the residents of coastal Louisiana lost everything as a result of historic floods, the Leesfield Family Foundation likewise responded with assistance to Volunteer Louisiana.   The ability to instantly help communities destroyed by national disasters is one of the most gratifying features of a small and mobile Family Foundation.

Generosity is the fabric of our nation, and it is reflected in the nationwide increase in philanthropic endeavors during the last four years.  In 2016, individuals, estates, and corporations gave a record $390.05 billion to American charitable organizations in the United States.

Join us in helping strengthen our communities and make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged and disenfranchised members of our society.   For information on how you can help numerous local, national and international causes through the Leesfield Family Foundation, please contact Carmen Marrero at 305-854-4900 or marrero@leesfieldfamilyfoundation.org

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